Fabio and Rishie on creating AVOIDPACK

Article by Johnson Ninh.

What was the original idea behind AVOIDPACK?

We saw a lot of consumers being used by big company's that didn't value their customers. They didn't value anything to be precise, they only care about the profit.

What inspired you to start AVOIDPACK?

We wanted to create a brand, label, community that inspires younger people like us to follow their dreams. We wanted to show that you can do anything if you put your mind to it.

 What is it like to work together?

We learn so much from each other. The ideas we share are the reason we started AVOIDPACK and it's also the reason where we are now in life. And sometimes we don't come to an agreement but we always respect each other.

Who is your biggest inspiration?

Rishie: For me it's currenty Teezo, man doesn't care what other people think of him. I like that.

Fabio: I've got a bunch of different people that inspire me as a creative. Definently looking at international artists. But I think a main driving factor is a brand from our homeland called Sumibu. Have been a huge fan of their music under SMIB. And their brand is a great reflection of their unique identities. 

Where do you see AVOIDPACK next year?

We hope to open a physical store and collaborate with more artist on the line. And we think a collaboration with another Dutch brand in the near future would definently be foreseeable. 

Last question, if you could collaborate with anyone in the world who would it be?

As mentioned earlier. A collab with another Dutch brand would be sick, definently looking at Sumibu.


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